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Landscape and City Graphics

Landscapes of Lord of the Rings
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This is a graphics community for the landscapes and cities of the movies/books Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and other cities or landscapes worth iconing/making wallpapers out of. There are several icon communities dealing with the subject matter around; however, this one focuses only on the beautiful landscapes, cities and realms of movies, books, and other material.

cityvalleys focuses on wallpapers, icons, and bookmarks.


Every community needs rules. This community has several. Please read them carefully before joining and especially before you post anything. Failure to comply will result in a warning. If the warning is ignored, it will result in a deletion of your post. Repeat offenders will be banned. Re-joining the community after banning is negotiable, however.

1. Do not post icons or wallpapers that contain people. Aragorn, Arwen, Frodo, Sawyer and the others are not wanted here! Random Bloke in the background? Not wanted. Stick figues that might be people? Maaaaybe. Just make sure that the person or persons in the image do not take up the majority of the graphic. Consider this a tiny challenge every time you create something. It is all too easy to use a person as a focus point.

2. Fake cuts. I hate them. Everyone hates them. They're the old black and it's time they ventured to the pixelated graveyard of the internet. A fake cut ( looks like this ) and usually leads to someone's journal. I don't know why people think that a fake cut will lure more people to whatever they posted because it usually doesn't work. A real link looks like this, and it does the job just fine!

2a. Links to your own journal are perfectly all right. You don't have to post every single icon here at cityvalleys. Posting a teaser or several teasers and following them with a real link to the entry where you posted them in your personal or icon journal is the best way to avoid having to post things twice, and it saves bandwidth.

3. Teasers. Do post them. People want to know what they're getting into before they click that lj-cut or link. Post 1-3. The rest of the icons belong under a cut.

3a. You made only 4 icons? Then there's no need for a cut. Cuts are mainly there to save peoples' friendslists from taking too long to load. I draw the line at 6 icons without a cut. So if you made anything up to six icons, you may post them without a cut. Any more, however, fall under rule 3.

3c. Wallpapers: unless you made a smallish ( 100 - 250px wide at the most ) preview of your wallpaper, always, always put the full wallpaper under a cut! There is nothing worse than having a 1024x768 image suddenly appear on your friends page.

4. Etiquette. Netiquette. Be courteous. If you don't like someone's icons, pass them by. Read the post carefully. If the icon maker asks for constructive criticism, and you feel you have something valuable to contribute, comment. Advice. Help. If all you can say is 'ur iconz sux lolz!' I will come down on you like a ton of bricks and ban you from this community.

5. This is not an elite community. Everyone starts somewhere. You'll probably see the good and the bad, and the truly rotten, too. If you can't handle that, go away.

6. There is no insane application process, to quote a friend. Join. Watch. Post. I have nothing to prove to anyone, and neither do you. If you don't like being here anymore, leave. If you want to re-join, come back. That's all.

7. Requests. You may request things, but be reasonable. Most of the people I know are either students, manage a family, or hold down a job. If your request isn't met, either no one wants to do it, or no one has the time. Don't clutter the community with twenty 'Why is no one doing my request?!' posts. Either someone does it, or no one does.

8. Challenges. Personally, I'm rotten at challenges. I never meet the time requirements, forget about it, go on a tangent, or end up doing something completely different from what I started out with. Feel free, though, to post screencaps or other images and challenge people to make something beautiful out of them.

9. Advertisement of other communities is allowed as long as these advertisements have something to do with Lord of the Rings/J.R.R. Tolkien, cities, valleys, or graphics/icons/wallpapers. Don't post about your new role-playing community, please. There are places for that kind of stuff, and this one... is not it.

10. These are your Ten Commandments for cityvalleys. Read them, understand them, follow them, and no lightning will hit you.

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